10 Best Wrestlers Of 2021 – List release

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2021 was a bittersweet year for WWE that saw a slew of releases, however the return of fans and outstanding performances by some superstars brought the excitement. To determine the best WWE wrestlers of 2021, all aspects were taken into account, from in-ring performances, promos, great feuds, titles and general consistency.

With that said, it is worth clarifying that wrestlers like Edge and Becky Lynch were not considered because they spent less time on-screen. Likewise, there are wrestlers who deserve an honorable mention and came close to making the list, including Kevin Owens, King Woods, Cesaro and Rhea Ripley. Below are the 10 best WWE wrestlers of 2021.

You may be surprised to read Damian Priest’s name, but he actually had an outstanding year. Since his appearance in the Royal Rumble match, Priest shone in the spotlight alongside Bad Bunny, then moved his way up the card to win the United States Title and became a great champion. You also have to give credit to WWE’s booking, as hard as it is to accept.

Priest is the wrestler with the most wins in televised singles matches in 2021, having won 24 (including eight successful title defenses) and, believe or not, he hasn’t been pinned on the main roster. Most importantly, Priest puts on a good show on a regular basis.

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