10 Big MISTAKES Wrestlers Made On Live TV

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Actors have it easy compared to professional wrestlers. In their TV show and movie appearances, they have all the chances in the world to get their lines right, and when it comes to dangerous scenes, they have stuntmen and stuntwomen to step in their place as doubles. Wrestlers, on the other hand, oftentimes have to cut their promos on live TV, while also making sure they execute their moves flawlessly in the ring, avoiding clumsy botches that may injure their opponents or themselves.

Indeed, you can tell that to any of your friends or family members who keep badgering you about why you keep watching that “fake” wrestling on TV. It’s not easy being a wrestler, or even a commentator or announcer, and throughout the years, we’ve often seen them mess up big-time in front of the cameras, especially when live. And while this is often funny, especially when featured on the likes of Botchamania, there are also times when these mistakes could become career-threatening, career-ending, or in rare cases, fatal.

With that in mind, we’re listing 15 times wrestlers (or in some cases, non-wrestlers) made egregious mistakes on live television, mainly focusing on the funny and/or cringey bloopers, but also including some serious incidents that are not, and should not be considered a laughing matter.Many people believe that WWE’s current product suffers from the company’s insistence on scripting almost every promo, and not giving wrestlers leeway to improvise. To back that up, we present to you Exhibit A – the April 8, 2013, post-WrestleMania episode of Monday Night Raw, where Randy Orton and Sheamus were in the ring cutting a promo. Everything was by-the-book Orton, as the Viper, who was never the best promo guy in the world, droned on about Big Show, who had turned on the duo after The Shield beat them at WrestleMania XXIX.

Then came about 15 seconds of awkward silence, as Orton completely forgot about what he was supposed to say. He then approached Sheamus, almost as if to ask, “Hey Stephen (Sheamus’ real first name), what was I supposed to say?” As it turns out, it was just as simple as “Big Show’s mine tonight!”

For shame, Randy. Too bad the “voices in your head” counsel you, understand and talk to you, but can’t feed you the lines to your promo.

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