10 Biggest Lies WWE Has Ever Told in Wrestling

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Some people will tell you that wrestling is a whole bunch of lies. In a way, they’re correct – in the days when kayfabe was sacred, wrestlers and promoters would steadfastly maintain the illusion that everything that happened in the ring was 100 percent real and unscripted. Heck, they’d even maintain this illusion to their own families.

And what about the numerous “evil foreigners” who turned out to be as American as apple pie? But we’re not talking about those kinds of lies that took place many, many decades ago, because after all, wrestling fans accept that it’s all predetermined, and that there’s just as much entertainment mixed in with the sports aspect of it all.

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For this list, we’ve compiled 15 wrestlers and wrestling personalities who told stories or made comments about real-life situations or facts, only for those statements to be debunked as nothing but big fat lies. These are wrestlers who lied about their ages, lied about the people they were seeing on the side, or lied about backstage incidents they purportedly witnessed, or creative plans that may or may not have been intended for them. You name it, they’ve probably lied about it.

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