10 Children Of WWE Wrestlers Who Stayed Away from Wrestling

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In any job, the occasional nepotism helps you get your foot in the door. Most jobs aren’t expecting you to perform as well as the family member that helped get you the interview. But in professional wrestling, the fans and the company hiring you expect you to not only live up to the family name, but in some cases, surpass it.

There are at least eighteen members of the current roster who are second or third generation superstars, and that’s not including the boss or his kids, who are third and fourth generation promoters. Obviously, there’s way more than that running around in other promotions.

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They’re often times held to a different standard because of growing up in the business, which somehow means they know how to behave and perform. But that’s not always the case, some next-gen superstars have what it takes and some don’t, just like non-legacies in the company. Some have promising futures to become stars, and some for whatever the reason have no future with the company. Some entries on this list haven’t even started formally training to be wrestlers, but have expressed a great interest in following in their parents’ footsteps. We all know they’ll have the best possible trainers to make it happen.

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