10 Emotional WWE Moments That Made Fans Cry

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Whether you like to admit it or not, we all have cried at some point. It’s actually rather healthy for you, and relieves a great deal of stress. The experience can be cathartic or releasing, or it can be a summation of extreme sadness or empathy. Whatever the case, each person will experience it at some point in their lives. Yes, the same even holds true for those macho men that populate the WWE.

Say what you want about the WWE and its authenticity, every once in a while there pops up a story that genuinely tugs at your heartstrings. These stories can be scripted, pre-ordained events established by the writers upstairs. They can also be random acts of spontaneity that simply hit close to home. Unfortunately, they can also be terrible accidents that leave you shocked and grasping for words.

Throughout the WWE’s history, there have been plenty of instances that leave the fans with teary faces. It’s part of why they are fans in the first place: they connect to what they are watching on an intrinsic and emotional level. These events are largely what stick in our minds years down the road, and will go down in history as some of the most emotionally charged moments in the WWE. Curious as to what some of them are? Well,

This was a moment that seemed like it was gleaned straight from a daytime soap opera. Savage had undergone a major heel turn, and the love story between he and Elizabeth was thrown away by Savage himself. He cast her aside and went after another woman, Sherri Martel. For the following few matches, Elizabeth watched Savage wrestle from amongst the crowds.

In a later retirement match between The Ultimate Warrior, Savage wound up losing and was forced to retire. Sherri Martel immediately turned on him, kicking him quite literally while he was down. As Savage lay defeated, Elizabeth rushed the ring to raucous applause. Savage recovered and took her back. The two tearfully embraced and Savage hoisted her up on his shoulders. Their tears were reflected in many of the fans’ eyes as well, and a perfect love story was complete.

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