10 Matches WWE Superstars REFUSED To Lose!

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The world of the WWE is an exciting and albeit strange one. What you see in the squared circle is what they want you to consume, but more often than not, that is not the full picture.

You don’t know what kind of things have happened inside WWE. That’s true because on numerous occasions WWE Superstars have refused to win or lose a match.
Strange as it might sound, but they had their own reasons as to why they decided to follow their instinct and disobey the direction set by the creative team.

Even though pretty much everything that happens in the ring is choreographed and kayfabe to a large extent, there are some incidences when superstars refuse to put over opponents owing to what it might do to their image. On the other hand, certain superstars believe in passing the torch and ensuring that the next crop of wrestlers get their due and hence refuse to win and instead put over younger opposition.

Either way, the WWE has witnessed plenty of such stories over the years.
A prime example of this is when Bret Hart refused to lose to Shawn Michaels at the 1997 Survivor Series PPV for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship. This famous incident is often referred to as “The Montreal Screw Job.”

In this feature, we take a look at five such instances where the wrestlers went against the creative direction to alter the results of the bouts:
Curt Hawkins made his return to WWE in 2016. His promos were shown every week on SmackDown Live to hype his return. It almost seemed like he would be a big star in the company, but the same didn’t happen.

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