10 OLDEST WWE Superstars Still Wrestling

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Some wrestlers don’t know when to call it a career. Since this article’s initial publication, some wrestlers have returned for more matches, making them even older during their last WWE appearances.

In recent years, other wrestlers came out of retirement to compete in matches, including Shawn Michaels breaking his decade-long promise to never step into the ring to wrestle again. It is still rare for WWE to bring out someone over 50 to wrestle in a match, but there are some superstars they will always make an exception for, knowing it will bring the fans out in masses to experience the nostalgia.

In 2020, Triple H didn’t wrestle one single match for the first time since signing with WWE. However, in 2021, in front of the Thunderdome audience on Monday Night Raw, Triple H returned to the ring to fight Randy Orton again in an unsanctioned match at the age of 51. Still in great shape, never count out Triple H coming back again in the future.

Fit Finlay was a full-time WWE competitor when he retired at the age of 52. Despite being over 50, he was still turning in solid matches on SmackDown against young stars like Drew McIntyre and John Morrison. He was even involved in a feud for the ECW Championship in 2009 at the age of 51.

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