10 Shocking WWE Body Transformations

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Over the years we have seen superstars come and go in various wrestling promotions, most notably WWE!

It is becoming ever-more popular now that superstars are transitioning from a career in pro-wrestling to the bright lights of Hollywood and more often than not using their wrestling career as a baseline platform.

Now in the year 2020 and the start of a new decade, we know as a fanbase we can search and find out pretty much anything, and the spotlight on professional wrestlers/sports entertainers has never been brighter.

However, with more exposure comes more athletes becoming self-conscious of their appearance.

A lot of performers in the business have over the years gone through some truly extraordinary body transformations, either for purpose of a healthier lifestyle and personal choice, or for an upcoming Hollywood movie they might have to get in shape for.

We have highlighted a shortlist of eight superstars who have gone through pretty radical body transformations in their careers.

No.8 – Dean Ambrose, AKA Jon Moxley

Ambrose has always been a pretty tall dude, but seemed to blend in pretty insignificantly when part of the WWE’s mega-faction ‘The Shield’. Standing next to Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, Ambrose was never really seen as a heavy-hitter or a muscle-bound guy – he was always the mouthpiece, the conniving character or in some segments, the comic relief!

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