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10 Shocking WWE Moments That Happened By Mistake!

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The birth of the Internet and Social Media has allowed many WWE stars to show off many aspects of their personal lives on Twitter and Instagram and sometimes this includes their pets. While there are a number of WWE stars who have some of the cutest dogs and Natalya obviously enjoys showing off pictures of her cats, there are a number of WWE stars who have decided to have much stranger animals as companions instead.

WWE stars are on the road for around 300 days a year, which means that many of these animals have to be looked after by a member of their family or people that they trust who live in the same location as them.

Some WWE stars can’t take the separation and take their pets on the road with them. It is expected that some of the following WWE stars would decide to have pets that were strange, considering their in-ring personas weren’t exactly considered to be normal, but some of the names on the following list were quite unexpected when it came to owning pets that go completely against what society would call normal.

The following list looks at both current and former WWE stars who have some of the strangest animals as their pets.

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