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10 Shocking WWE Moments That Happened By Mistake!

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All of the biggest WWE stars perform at once in an event that offers wrestling fans ample amounts of entertainment throughout – but what have been the most shocking WrestleMania events in history?

The likes of The Undertaker, Roman Reigns and Randy Orton are just some of the exciting names that have performed at WrestleMania and there have been multiple WWE Superstars throughout the years that have created some shocking moments to leave the crowd stunned.

Getting WrestleMania tickets in the first place is always a tough task, so if you are fortunate enough to watch the action unfold in person, you should expect the unexpected and be prepared for moments of shock.

The best do not always triumph and your beloved WWE star may come out of the event empty handed – but that’s what makes WrestleMania so unique.

There have been plentiful shocking moments along the way, but where does each one rank? Find out the 10 most shocking WrestleMania moments of all time below:

After losing to Rey Mysterio in a shock defeat at WrestleMania 25, JBL in a heated rage announces he is quitting the WWE.

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Was this decision made in the heat of the moment? Most likely, which made it such a shocking moment for wrestling fans watching across the globe.

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