10 SHOCKING WWE Superstars KIDS In Real Life!

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With WrestleMania in the books, there were many children in the audience and watching around the globe. Some of those children looked at WrestleMania as something a little more special than the average child. They weren’t just watching in anticipation to see their favourite WWE superstars, but they were watching for their parents.

More than half of the superstars participating throughout WrestleMania’s match card are parents. They were putting their bodies on the line to support their families and making their children proud. The biggest show of the year put a smile on many children’s faces. This list will showcase what some of those children who were cheering on their parents look like.

We know that The Miz is a new father to his first child, daughter Monroe Skye, but he is in company of over 20 other current WWE superstars that are parents. There are some entries in this list that you may question whether or not they are still signed to the WWE, but as per the official website, all of these entries are currently listed as wrestlers or commentators.

It is always nice to know that these superstars are putting their bodies on the line for little ones who look up to them. We’ve seen Roman Reigns and Titus O’Neil in Father’s Day PSAs and though we saw them shine on the grandest stage of them all, they both made their children proud.

While most of these may not be a secret, here is a list of 25 current WWE superstars who are parents and what their children look like.

Randy Orton has been at the top of the WWE for almost two decades, but it wasn’t until WrestleMania 34 when he finally became a Grand Slam Champion, capturing the only title he had never won, the United States Championship.

Five years into his career, shortly after he began the Legacy storyline with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr., Orton married his first wife, Samantha Speno. They welcomed their first and only child together, Alanna on July 12, 2008. The birth came while Orton was getting over a motorcycle injury.

Orton and Speno divorced in 2013, after being separated for almost a year. While Orton was on television aligning himself with the Wyatt family in the fall of 2015, he was gearing up to add to his family once again. He married his second wife, Kimberly Kessler, on November 14, 2015. Their family grew once again when Kessler gave birth to her fourth child, but first with Orton, daughter Brooklyn Rose, on November 22, 2016.

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