10 STRANGE Rules John Cena Made Nikki Bella FOLLOW!

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John Cena is the biggest wrestling star of his generation. He’s the kind of guy who will be known as a wrestling icon, and there’s no question he’ll eventually headline a WWE Hall of Fame class. Some of that has to do with the WWE machine getting behind him, and pushing him as the face of the company for most of the decade from 2005 to 2015. Regardless of what Cena’s detractors say, though, he also earned his position on top.

Fans tend to take for granted how great he has been on the mic over the years, and particularly from the mid-point of his run on top onward, he became one of the best big match performers in WWE history. In addition to the man’s talent, he has demonstrated a work ethic like few before or since, consistently working media appearances, doing Make A Wish work, and keeping his nose clean without any major complaints or dust ups with management. For all this, he may well go down in history as WWE’s all time best company man.

Included in Cena doing what’s asked of him, and what’s for the best of WWE, Cena became a featured player in the Total Bellas reality TV series.

There’s an argument to be made that Cena’s participation in the series has changed how the public sees him. It’s hard to project a tough guy image when you’re captured in your home life. All the more so, it’s tough for Cena to uphold his kid friendly image when the show largely portrays him as stern and serious.

This article looks at the house rules that Cena imposes upon anyone staying in his domain, as gleaned from the show, as well as public statements from Nikki Bella.While John Cena did not, by any indications, grow up poor, he has nonetheless worked hard to arrive at the lifestyle he enjoys today. As captured on Total Bellas, he has a large, beautiful, well kept house. Viewers of the show got their first introduction to the regimented way in which Cena sees the house when he announced the first of the rules for his home in the opening segment of the show, starting with, “Respect the house as if it were your own.”

It’s clear that Cena takes pride in his home and in his way of life. He acknowledged similar leanings in a recent visit to the ID10T podcast, in which he talked about strictly scheduling his time and how welcoming other people into his life changed the dynamic. While Cena has clearly made concessions for Nikki Bella when she moved in, and by extension her family when they moved in for the show, he did not, at least in the early going, appear willing to compromise the integrity of his home.

This rule established Cena straightaway as someone who will not bend over backward for visitors, but rather expects for them to be on their best behavior and respect his property.

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