10 Wrestling Gimmicks That Only Lasted Minutes In WWE!

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As the old saying goes, “the best laid schemes of mice and men go often askew.” Reality has proven that right a lot and that’s especially true in wrestling. So often, plans and storylines that sound absolutely great on paper bomb majorly when put in front of a crowd.

Many a booker has learned the hard way that the fans are always the final decision and will often boo what should be cheered and love what should be ignored. It’s probably why there’s been so many wild gimmicks and angles in wrestling as you never know what’s going to click.

Thus, quite often, promoters will put in a lot of work on something only to have it fall apart. In this, they’re much like movies and TV where productions can go all the way up until the final scene only to suddenly get the axe with no warning.

In some cases, the worker might be happy it was dropped as the proposed gimmick could ruined them. Other times, it had serious promise and might have boosted them up majorly and they were hurt by it.

Look at how Brodus Clay was set up as a monster only to suddenly turn into a goofy dancer. So many times, it’s right up until the debut (or right after it) when it’s changed with no build-up. Examples of it abound throughout wrestling, some famous while others are still notable. Here are 15 gimmicks that were dropped at the last minute and one has to wonder how different these workers would be with them.

Jim Herd is not well remembered by WCW fans. The former Pizza Hut executive was the first guy put in charge when Turner bought the company and while he had some good ideas, too much of his time was spent wasting money and showing he had no clue how to handle a wrestling company. Nothing sums up his reign like this, however. In 1989,

Herd came to Ole Anderson, then booker, with what he thought was a genius idea for a tag team: A pair of hunchbacks. They would come to the ring with a huge bell and wrestle and Herd argued that because of their backs, they could never be pinned and thus be unbeatable.

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