10 WWE Matches Where The Wrong Person Won

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WWE’s booking decisions are never going to please everybody, with this simply being the nature of professional wrestling. Every fan has their own distinctive favorites, and whenever they’re not booked to win it is obviously going to leave people disappointed, which is especially the case at big shows like SummerSlam.

However, while some booking choices leave fans frustrated, there are some booking decisions that are genuinely just baffling. Whether it’s because they completely kill the momentum of a wrestler or that it doesn’t make sense within the storyline that is being told. Some of WWE’s SummerSlam decisions have been very poor over the years, with other wrestlers clearly needing the victory more.

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One of the most obvious wrong decisions in SummerSlam history was when Team WWE ended up defeating Nexus. The group had just debuted in WWE and had dominated everybody in sight, yet for some reason, the decision was made to have them lose here.

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