10 WWE Super heavyweights Who Did Flippy Cruiserweight Moves

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Beyond simply being a high-flyer, the wrestlers listed here would make circus performers and Chinese acrobats jealous of how deftly they execute every move.

American Cruiserweights, Luchadors and Japanese wrestlers fill this list. From legends who only briefly graced a WWE ring to up and comers with seemingly limitless potential, the following are the 50 most acrobatic wrestlers in the company’s history.

One of the few big men on the list, Kane earns his spot with his surprising agility.  From flying clotheslines to enzuigiris, the Big Red Machine’s moves are impressive for anyone, but factoring in his size makes his athletic feats that much more amazing.

Randy Savage

Savage was capable of more athletic moves, but apart from his near-perfect flying elbow drop, preferred for the most part to stick with a more traditional offense.  Still, his incredible agility helped make his matches that much more phenomenal.

In his later years, Steiner became a mess of veiny muscles, chain mail and mumbling promos.  In his early years though, he dazzled crowds with some quite acrobatic moves.  He made the frankensteiner popular in the U.S.

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