10 WWE Superstars Who Ended A Wrestler’s Career In One Move

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There’s a reason that wrestling fans are always told “don’t try this at home”, and that’s because professional wrestling is incredibly dangerous. While the wrestlers inside the ring manage to make it look easy, the risk factor is incredibly high with every move, and that is why injuries do occur from time to time within the industry.

While they’re always accidents, that doesn’t make them any nicer to see. Wrestlers can be incredibly tough and they are able to battle through and keep wrestling during certain injuries, but being knocked out isn’t one of them. It’s an unfortunate situation whenever it does happen, and sadly there have been several examples of wrestlers being legitimately knocked out within the ring during their matches.

Shane McMahon has always been known as a risk-taker and someone who will put his body on the line. At the 2016 Survivor Series, he was unfortunately injured. The moment came after he attempted to launch himself from the top rope towards Roman Reigns.

However, The Big Dog caught him with a Spear in mid-air, only the timing wasn’t quite spot on here. It was clear straight away from the landing that Shane wasn’t right, and he ended up being taken to the back, with footage of Randy Orton assuring Shane’s sons he was okay being shown from ringside that night.

Daniel Bryan has had a longstanding history with neck and head injuries and the moment he was reportedly knocked out by Alberto Del Rio likely didn’t help. This match came in 2011 and saw Bryan end up being booted in the head.

The shot was just a little too stiff and unfortunately, it appeared to knock out Daniel Bryan for a brief moment. While he’s suffered worse injuries throughout his career, this was certainly not a nice moment to see.

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