10 WWE Wrestlers Who Destroyed The Ring

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As chaos reigns supreme in pro wrestling, there’s one stable force that wrestlers and fans have always been able to rely on: the wrestling ring. But as the business of staged combat becomes more of a demolition derby thanks to death-defying bumps and stunts, the ring has gone from hosting destruction to becoming a victim of it.

Over the years, the ring has endured countless abuse, with its most severe injury being the occasional rope break. But as wrestlers have upped the ante on violence, the ring has paid the price. No matter how sturdy the boards, beams, and posts have been, these bumps were more than the ring could handle.

Jim Neidhart was on his way out of WWE in the fall of 1990. As such, he and partner Bret Hart were booked to lose the Tag Team Championship to The Rockers. But during the match, Neidhart broke the top rope after he collided chest-first with the corner turnbuckle.

The mishap affected the quality of the bout, which was deemed unsuitable to air. So when Neidhart ended up staying with WWE, The Rockers’ victory was nullified and the titles were quietly returned to the Harts.

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