10 WWE Wrestlers Who Forgot Their Lines on Live TV

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Over the course of the past several decades, Pro Wrestling has gone on to garner one of the biggest fan followings in the world. Promotions like WWE, WCW, TNA, ROH, and NJPW have contributed towards professional wrestling becoming a globally recognized sport, although a pre-decided one.

The two major qualities a Superstar needs to possess in order to succeed in the business are in-ring skills and knowing how to work a mic. Many are of the opinion that even if a Superstar lacks wrestling skills, they can make it up for it by becoming a master on the mic.

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The WWE Universe might remember The Rockers, one of the most exciting teams in WWE during the late-80s. Although Marty Jannetty was an exceptional wrestler, he was bland on the mic. On the other hand, his partner Shawn Michaels was a complete package, possessing incredible skills in both departments. Today, Michaels is regarded by many as the greatest wrestler of all time.

In the long and storied history of professional wrestling, there have been instances where wrestlers messed up while delivering promos, and forgot their lines. Usually, these kinds of mishaps lead to an incredibly awkward visual. Let’s take a look at 5 of these instances.

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Was it a coincidence that “Air Juvi” saw his career take a downward spiral almost as soon as his mask came off in his WCW run? Juventud was among the leading Latin wrestlers in World Championship Wrestling’s focus on the high flying cruiserweight division. However, after losing his mask in a stipulation match against Chris Jericho, much of what followed has largely erased the legacy that his performances to that point had created for him.

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