10 WWE Wrestlers Who Hated Doing Their Own Move

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Despite all the gimmicks and the sideshows, professional wrestling always boils down to two main things; heels and faces. In a business where emotions often come into play, it is easy for wrestlers to arouse any type of emotions from the fans, depending on their respective roles with the company.

Over the years, we’ve seen wrestlers whom the fans not only loved but also adored in every sense.

On the other hand, we have seen wrestlers that the fans simply wanted gone or fired from the company. While there are instances when the hate wrestlers created were intentional.

Arguably one of the greatest performers in the WWE, it was truly heartbreaking to see the WWE release such a talent. For many years, CM Punk has been one of the biggest superstars in sports entertainment thanks to his impressive mic skills, outstanding ability to cut promos, and his in-ring talent.

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