10 WWE Wrestlers Who Were Embarrassingly Out Of Shape

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World Wrestling Entertainment has had its fair share of petrifying and haunting stars. They have been responsible for some of the scariest and most unsettling moments in the history of sports-entertainment.

They have spooked audiences in arenas across the world.

Some have experienced short stints in the company, their gimmicks not befitting the direction the company was heading, while others have enjoyed long and storied runs with Vince McMahon’s promotion.

Who are these Superstars and what made them so haunting?

Find out after the jump.

Clad in crimson and black and entering arenas enveloped in blood red lighting, the duo carried themselves in a manner that suggested they had completely bought into their gimmick.

While Ariel was the sultry vampiress who could use her unquestionable sex appeal to seduce any man she wanted and would pose like a bat, hanging upside down on the ring ropes, Thorn was much more subdued and frightening. He had a way of communicating with an audience by using his eyes and facial expressions that few others have in the seven years since his debut.

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