Top 10 Wrestlers With Most Losses In WWE History

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WWE Monday Night Raw set the benchmark for wrestling TV shows from the time it was incepted in 1993. Many renowned talent from around the world including celebrities and athletes have made an appearance on the show. Despite losing its spark over the years thanks to WWE’s shift to a family-friendly product, Raw continues to be one of the leading pro wrestling programs in the world alongside its sister show, Friday Night SmackDown.

Wrestlers such as John Cena and Randy Orton played a pivotal role on Raw during the flayed PG-era where they dominated the brand as key figures. Other stars, however, were not very successful during their time on the red brand despite competing in a lot of matches on the show. Here are 10 wrestlers who incurred the most losses in WWE Raw history, so far.

Cody Rhodes spent the majority of his time in WWE as a mid-carder. The American Nightmare, however, felt that he belonged on the main card next to top guys such as Triple H, Orton, and CM Punk.

Cody’s father, the American Dream Dusty Rhodes, was a massively popular star, but he, unfortunately, couldn’t replicate Dusty’s success, at least not in WWE. He has competed in 242 matches on Raw, losing 130 of them. Cody is doing much better in AEW though, as he rarely ever loses a match clean.

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