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12 Unmasked WWE Wrestlers

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Professional wrestling, unlike most every other sport on the radar, holds a rich heritage of larger than life characters within its ranks. Of course, promoters have had a hand in building the intrigue with fictional biographies and hometowns – whatever they could conceive to increase the box office appeal of the grapplers under their employ.

One might argue that every sport lays claim to their fair share of memorable athletes whose legend was as large while competing as it was away from the glare of the spotlight. However, one area that no other sport has ventured to create is the mystique that surrounds the many wrestlers that have donned a mask to enter the ring.

Historically, it was the cloaked villain that would don a mask to enter a new territory and serve as the antagonist for the home grown hero but over time the role of the masked wrestler has evolved. This is due in large part to the influence of Mexican lucha libre on North American wrestling, which has resulted in some of our most beloved stars of all time earning their fame incognito. Stars like Mil Mascaras, Jushin Liger and The Destroyer are best known for their work under a mask and few know what visage lies beneath.

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The following list explores 12 of the best masked wrestlers that should never have unmasked, despite what the creative direction of the day may have dictated. In some cases, forfeiting their secret identities signaled the end of their careers. In others, professional wrestling simply lost a little of its allure by pulling back the curtain on some of the all-time great characters in the sport. Here are 12 wrestlers who never should have unmasked.

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