15 Scary WWE Wrestlers Nicer Than You Thought

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At just 20 years old, it’s scary how quickly Cora has been pushed into the NXT limelight, but there’s an obvious reason why. Jade presents a look that can only be described as ‘current’ and is every bit the sort of star NXT 2.0 is being built around. Channelling the daredevil delights last seen from the likes of Lita two decades ago.

The Street Profits remain a popular act, but their recent shortcomings combined with suggestions that WWE were thinking of splitting the pair during October’s draft could mean a singles run for the talented Ford. We saw during his entertaining outing with Roman Reigns last autumn the early signs of what Montez can do on his own, and 2022 could well see more opportunities.

One the few constants left from the transition of NXT black and gold into 2.0, but we have a feeling that may not last for long and a main roster move could be in Grimes’ future. His feud with LA Knight was one of the sleeper rivalries of last year and his colourful character could send Raw or SmackDown to the moon.

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