3 WWE Superstars who rejected apologies from fellow wrestlers, and 2 who accepted

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WWE is a giant media conglomerate that houses some of the biggest names in pro wrestling. These wrestlers are household names and boast millions of ardent followers on social media.

With such a large number of popular stars working under the same umbrella, egos are bound to clash. When two superstars clash in real life, things get heated quickly.

Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels is probably the best example of how things turn ugly when two massive egos clash. Hart wasn’t happy with Michaels saying he wouldn’t put him over, which led to Bret refusing to drop the WWE title at Survivor Series 1997. The rest is history.

Back then, it would’ve been impossible to make Bret and Shawn apologize to each other and bury the hatchet. But there have been instances throughout WWE’s storied history that have seen superstars apologizing for their mistakes.

In the following slideshow, we’ll take a look at three stars who rejected apologies from fellow wrestlers. We’ll also discuss two stars who accepted a fellow wrestler’s apology.

#5. Titus O’Neil rejects WWE legend Hulk Hogan’s apology over racist comments

Titus O’Neil don’t even wanna look in hulk hogan’s direction 😂 #WrestleManiaHulk Hogan’s illustrious career has been marred by a long list of controversies. Back in 2015, a private video leaked in which Hogan was heard making racist comments. The backlash was massive, and Hogan was removed from the WWE Hall of Fame.

After the dust settled, Hogan was reinstated to the Hall of Fame. He spoke with the WWE locker room before Extreme Rules 2018. Hogan’s apology sounded half-hearted and fake, and WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil wasn’t happy about it:”This is not about second or third chances. This is about a man making a decision to make statements that he truly felt in his heart I believe at that time. He may not feel that way now, he may regret it. But to come out and say, ‘I didn’t know I was being recorded’ and ‘be careful what you say’ and ‘I don’t remember saying that stuff.’ When you start out an apology like that. Dude, you lost it already. I wanted to give him a chance, I didn’t know what that meeting was about going in, but I wanted to give him a chance.” (H/T Bleacher Report)

The New Day was also hesitant in accepting Hogan’s apology, but Big E’s tweet hinted that he forgave the WWE legend:

I’d like to think everyone deserves a path to redemption. I appreciate @HulkHogan taking the time to apologize & hear my position today.Two years after posting the tweet, Big E addressed Hogan as “some other guy,” hinting he still hadn’t forgiven The Immortal One.

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