38″That would be wild” – Ex-Champion mentions crazy idea for Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns

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Andrews then stated that, in this potential match, Lesnar and Reigns should fight on top of the steel structure. He also pitched a crazy spot, in which The Beast Incarnate would F5 Reigns off the top of the cell.

“And you know what, I know they don’t do it much these days but the early Hell in a Cell matches, they teased me too much because they went on the top of the cell and you never see that these days, right?” Andrews continued. “So I still got that tiny glimmer of hope that Reigns vs. Brock at Mania, F5 of the top off the cell.”

Roman Reigns cost Brock Lesnar the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble

Roman Reigns interfered in Brock Lesnar’s WWE Championship match against Bobby Lashley at the Royal Rumble. In doing so, he was directly responsible for The Beast Incarnate’s loss.

Reigns hit Lesnar with the WWE Championship, and Lashley took advantage of the situation by quickly pinning Lesnar. This outcome directly set up a blockbuster clash between Lesnar and The Tribal Chief at WrestleMania 38.

NXT UK Superstar Mark Andrews has come up with the crazy idea for an extreme spot in the looming match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 38.

In the likely main event of WrestleMania 38, The Beast Incarnate will challenge Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship. Lesnar earned the title shot by winning the Men’s Royal Rumble bout, and he then picked The Tribal Chief as his WrestleMania opponent.

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Speaking on the Mark Andrews: My Love Letter to Wrestling podcast, the host revealed that the two rivals could wage war in a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania. Andrews referenced some of the classic bouts that have utilized this stipulation and suggested that Reigns and Lesnar should battle inside the cell

“I had a message in from Mike saying Brock vs. Reigns, Hell in a Cell,” said Andrews. “There’s only been a handful of Hell in a Cell matches at ‘Mania, right? We had Shane vs. Taker back in the day? Brock vs. Reigns, Hell in a Cell, that would be huge. That would be wild.”


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