4 AEW stars who would be great guests on WWE’s Broken Skull Sessions with Steve Austin

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Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions has had some incredible guests on over the years.

The show launched in 2019 and has been a staple of the WWE Network and Peacock since. The show dives into the careers of The Texas Rattlesnake’s guests as he talks them through their greatest moments.

With the likes of Cody Rhodes, Bret Hart, and The Undertaker all appearing on the show, Austin’s show has provided a behind-the-scenes look into iconic moments. One of the most noteworthy appearances was AEW’s, Chris Jericho. The former AEW World Champion appeared on the show in 2021, despite currently being signed with Tony Khan’s promotion.

Jericho’s appearance could open the door for other AEW wrestlers to show up on the podcast somewhere down the line. On that note, here are four AEW stars who could be great guests on WWE’s Broken Skull Sessions.

#4. Dustin Rhodes would be a fitting guest after brother Cody already appeared

Dustin Rhodes would be an excellent guest after brother Cody already appeared on the show
Dustin Rhodes would be an excellent guest after brother Cody already appeared on the show

Following in the footsteps of brother Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes would make an excellent guest for the show.

The former Goldust has had an incredible career. Spanning over four decades, he’s accomplished a lot during his time in the ring.

From his long tenure with WWE to his time in AEW, Dustin would have some incredible stories to tell. The 53-year-old is almost certainly a future WWE Hall of Famer. Having him share stories with Austin could provide us with a great look into the mind of The Bizarre One.

#3. CM Punk would be an interesting interview with Stone Cold

CM Punk would be an explosive episode
CM Punk would be an explosive episode

While it’s probably unlikely he’ll ever appear in WWE in any capacity again, CM Punk could provide great content for the podcast.

Never say never when it comes to the wrestling business, and the “Best in the World” appearing on the show would make for an explosive episode. Punk’s animosity with WWE is well known at this point. Hearing him share his side of things in a sit-down with Stone Cold could offer up a different perspective. Especially with The Rattlesnake having had his own issues with the company.

Punk has made it known in the past that he is a huge fan of Austin. The interview would make waves in the industry. The 43-year-old recently returned to the wrestling business after a seven-year hiatus, and rediscovered his love for it. Now would be a perfect time to pick the brain of the former WWE Champion.

#2. Bryan Danielson’s WWE legacy would make him an excellent guest


After 11 incredible years in WWE, Bryan Danielson departed the company last year. He jumped ship to AEW, and has been killing it with the promotion since.

Considering the legendary legacy he built for himself in Vince McMahon’s company, an appearance on Austin’s show would be superb. The pair could discuss the Yes Movement, his retirement, subsequent return, and even his time in AEW.

According to Bryan, he left WWE on good terms and the door is open for a return to the company. He will inevitably be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Having him sit down with Austin could offer a lot of insight into what makes The American Dragon tick.

#1. Austin interviewing Sting would be great television


Sting joining Austin on the show could lead to an all-time great interview. The Icon has had a legendary career. His time in WCW and TNA earned him his status as one of the greats.

He undoubtedly has plenty of interesting stories to share from his career that has spanned four decades. For a long time, Sting was hailed as the one man who refused to jump to WWE. Sitting down with Austin could give us a more in-depth look as to why. The 63-year-old could discuss his time in WCW, his move to TNA, his brief spell in WWE, and even his arrival in AEW.

There’s so much the two legends can discuss and it’s almost impossible for a Sting appearance on the Broken Skull Sessions to disappoint.

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