4 WWE Hall of Famers who should return for one more match

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WWE loves its legends and Hall of Famers. The company has had many icons wrestle for them throughout its history. Fans have grown up watching these legends perform week in and week out.

WWE has a soft spot for nostalgia. We’ve seen the company bring back legends for dream matches and feuds with the present generation. The likes of Goldberg have come out of retirement more times than one can count, but his appearances always draw ratings for the promotion.

While we all love our heroes, there are some we want to see back in the ring for one more match. In that regard, here are four WWE Hall of Famers who should compete in one more contest:

#4. Mick Foley

Foley could return as any one of his alter-egos.

Mick Foley is one of the most underrated wrestlers WWE ever had in their ranks. His hardcore style and commitment to character work make him one of the greatest.

We’d like to see Foley take to the ring one last time. The best part of this dream scenario is that WWE could book Mankind, Cactus Jack or Dude Love to wrestle. Without a doubt, it’d be a sight to behold and hardcore.

#3. Kane ignites the fire one last time

Kane’s political commitments mean he cannot wrestle full-time in WWE. He has been carrying out the responsibilities of the Mayor of Knoxville County, Tennessee, since 2018. He’s also a Hall of Famer and one of the greatest superstars.

Kane is still in shape and can be seamlessly slotted into any feud. Whether it’s his normal avatar or The Fiery Demon, fans would love to see him Chokeslam and Tombstone superstars daring to cross him.

#2. Kurt Angle brings the intensity, integrity and intelligence

Kurt Angle is one of the best wrestlers to grace the squared circle. His final match came against Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35, with his loss resulting in him retiring from in-ring competition.

However, everyone thought Angle retired a little too early. The WWE Hall of Famer is still capable of having a great match with anyone on the current roster. Fans will be ecstatic to see The Olympic Gold Medalist shut people up with Angle Slams and Ankle Locks.

#1. The Undertaker rises from the ashes

The Undertaker was recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. At the end of his speech, he dropped the words ‘never say never,’ making everyone hope he’d don the black robe again one day.

The Undertaker’s return would be huge on all fronts. He’s a massive fan favourite and has the star power to elevate any feud. It’d simply be a must-see if he were to make one last appearance and wrestle a high-profile match. The thought of bells tolling and The Phenom making his entrance is a dream moment.

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