5 Current WWE Wrestlers Who Have Been Arrested

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WWE works hard to ensure that their superstars are role models to the younger generation of the WWE Universe. Many young children want to grow up to be just like their favorite WWE superstars, so these performers have to make sure they are seen in a certain light.

Sadly, they haven’t always been the squeaky clean stars that are seen on RAW or SmackDown each week. WWE stars’ personal lives are not strictly clear-cut black and white. Many stars have struggled with substance addictions, for instance, and others have been involved in DUIs.

The company is certainly aware that these stars have criminal records, but for some of them, their brushes with the law came before they decided to pursue a career in a wrestling ring. Thankfully, many of these stars have since turned their lives around. Sadly, that isn’t the case for all of the stars on this list.

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