5 Incredible fan theories heading into Hell in a Cell: Former World Champion joins Edge, popular WWE duo reunites

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WWE Hell in a Cell takes place this weekend and there are only six matches on the card at present. However, some impressive fan theories are still circling the event.

Bray Wyatt’s recent Tweet has ignited several of these theories. The WWE Universe can’t decide if the former star will be heading to AEW or returning to his old stomping grounds.

Hell in a Cell has had an underwhelming buildup over the past few weeks, so the company needs to pull off something big this weekend. Here are just some ways that the company can ensure that the show is a memorable one.

#5. Bayley makes her return to WWE

Whilst this isn’t as wild as many of the other theories on the list, it would be the long-overdue return of Bayley, who has been out of action for almost a year. It’s unclear why Bayley is yet to make her return to WWE, but it appears as though fans have forgotten that she is still sidelined.

The main women’s match of the night is the triple threat between Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch, and Asuka. Since Bayley is a free agent, nothing is preventing her from returning as a heel and interfering in the match. This would also allow the women to pair off into teams ahead of the Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament.

#4. Bray Wyatt Returns and reunites with Alexa Bliss at Hell in a Cell


As noted, Bray Wyatt has teased his return to the ring this week but hasn’t specified which ring that will be. Theories have been running wild all week but one of the best sees Wyatt make his return at Hell in a Cell and reunite with Alexa Bliss.

The two stars were at odds when he left the company last year after she cost him his WrestleMania match against Randy Orton. Time is a great healer and it appears that Bliss and Wyatt could be back on the same page. As of writing, Little Miss Bliss has no match at Hell in a Cell and no storyline on RAW at present. A Wyatt return could well be a blessing for both stars.

#3. Paige returns to the company


It has been more than two years since Paige last appeared on WWE TV. With rumors suggesting that the British star will play a part in the upcoming Clash at the Castle event in the UK, she would need to make her return soon.

Several theories surround Paige’s return, including the possibility that she could take Sonya Deville’s place as a WWE Official. The star is yet to reveal that she has been cleared to compete. It would be an incredible moment if Paige was cleared, but a Hell in a Cell return of any kind for the former Divas Champion would definitely pop the crowd.

#2. Ezekiel’s brother Elias finally appears at Hell in a Cell



Ezekiel will take on Kevin Owens at Hell in a Cell this weekend. The former Universal Champion has taken offense to the fact that he is claiming to be Elias’ brother when he is in fact Elias himself.

After a lie detector test failed and a DNA test was inconclusive, the two men are instead set to settle their differences the only way they know how this weekend. Many fans believe that it would be a great turn of events if Elias appeared in person or even on the screen as part of the match just to further tip Owens over the edge since he is fixated on the fact that Ezekiel is lying.

#1. Edge recruits Finn Balor and controls The Demon


Edge has created his own stable in recent weeks and The Judgement Day has added a member at the last two premium live events. Damian Priest joined Edge at WrestleMania before Rhea Ripley revealed her allegiances at WrestleMania Backlash.

There is a belief that Finn Balor will turn his back on The Club and join Edge this weekend. This would then allow Edge to not only control him but also his alter-ego, The Demon. This could then lead to the return of one of the most popular stars, but under the control of The Rated R Superstar.

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