5 most “over” WWE Superstars today

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The success of a WWE Superstar is measured in a few different ways. For some, the number of championships won is the ultimate parameter. For others, it is the ability to regularly feature in relevant televised storylines. Some also measure a superstar’s success by their ability to move the needle with regard to ticket sales.

One of the most referenced phrases in the business with regards to superstars’ popularity is how “over” they are. This refers to how often these competitors elicit reactions from fans and how big the reactions are.

Some of the most “over” superstars include “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, John Cena and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Over the years, these legends have consistently managed to get the loudest pop out of the WWE Universe, regardless of the role they played.

The current generation of WWE Superstars includes several superstars that share a special connection and are “over” with the fans. For the sake of this list, we shall consider full-time superstars, meaning that stars such as Cena, The Rock and Brock Lesnar will miss out.


Without further ado, let’s rank the five most over superstars in the promotion today. Honorable mentions include stars such as Seth Rollins, Bianca Belair, Sasha Banks, Sami Zayn, AJ Styles and Drew McIntyre. Please let us know your rankings in the comments.

#5: Kevin Owens’ versatility keeps the WWE Universe hooked to his every storyline

The Prizefighter was one of the highlights of WrestleMania 38
The Prizefighter was one of the highlights of WrestleMania 38

Former WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens is one of the best entertainers in the entire industry. The Canadian-born superstar has proven time and again that he can thrive in almost any situation, winning popularity with the audience in the process.

Whether pursuing a championship, bringing a legend out of 19 years of retirement or disputing a repackaged star’s new identity, KO has always been one of the most entertaining stars on the show.

As a result, Owens has become one of the most “over” stars in the company today, garnering huge reactions wherever he is placed on the card.

#4: Becky Lynch is the most popular female superstar in WWE

Big Time Becks brings a big fight feel to every match
Big Time Becks brings a big fight feel to every match

Throughout her WWE career, Becky Lynch has almost always been a beloved superstar. From her days as the Irish Lass Kicker, she showed great babyface potential, generating cheers from a section of fans. However, Lynch’s popularity skyrocketed in the buildup to 2018’s Survivor Series after she suffered a broken nose at the hands of Nia Jax.

The injury, suffered during a Smackdown siege of RAW, led to her reinvention into one of the biggest antihero characters in WWE history. She has since ridden this wave of popularity to win the first all-women’s WrestleMania main event and embark on possibly the greatest RAW Women’s Championship reign of all time.

Her current gimmick, Big Time Becks, is also highly popular with fans. It has helped her increase the star power of the entire women’s division since her Summerslam 2021 return.

#3: Cody Rhodes has the biggest babyface momentum in all of WWE

The American Nightmare is the biggest babyface on RAW
The American Nightmare is the biggest babyface on RAW

Since his return to WWE, Cody Rhodes has received the biggest positive audience reaction of any superstar. Since his return to the company, The American Nightmare has made it clear that he has come back to win the world championship.

His work on the independent scene has contributed to his popularity with the hardcore fanbase, having excelled as AEW TNT champion and NWA heavyweight titleholder before that.

Without a doubt, the biggest source of sympathetic reaction towards Rhodes is his connection with his father, Dusty Rhodes. A potential championship win in honor of The American Dream, one of the most beloved stars in the company’s history, could potentially be one of WWE’s greatest ever moments.

#2: Randy Orton is the most respected veteran in WWE today

Randy Orton is having one of the best runs of his career
Randy Orton is having one of the best runs of his career

Current RAW Tag Team Champion Randy Orton has been a WWE Superstar for more than 20 years. The Apex Predator has done it all during that period, winning 14 world titles and two royal rumbles, among other accolades. His longevity as a main-event superstar has earned him genuine respect and admiration from fans, despite being best known for his heel work.

His partnership with Riddle has also breathed new life into his character, with RK-Bro becoming one of the most beloved tag teams in the promotion. As a result, Orton has become one of the most popular superstars in the promotion.

#1: Roman Reigns is definitely the biggest star in WWE today


WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns might be the most popular superstar in the entire industry today. The Tribal Chief is the most compelling character in the company, having created a persona that resonated with the audience like few others in recent history.

Reigns gets the crowd off their seats whenever his theme hits, with everyone trying to catch a glimpse of the Head Of The Table. He then holds them in the palm of his hand as he speaks, turning cheers to boos and back to cheers at will with his words.

It is testament to Reigns’ ability to engage the audience that he often manages to elicit both the biggest positive and negative reactions of the night.

The Tribal Chief is certainly the most “over” star in the company at the moment.

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