$5 Payment to Scott Hall Changed 32-Year-Old WWE Superstar’s Life Forever

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WWE legend Scott Hall sadly passed away on Monday, aged 63. The WWE legend broke his hip last month and since then was struggling with various medical issues. Hall rose to popularity in the 90s with the stage name Razor Ramon and is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer.

Tributes to Scott Hall are coming in from people around the world. WWE SmackDown star Madcap Moss was one of them and expressed his admiration to the legend via Twitter. He also shared that his inspiration came from ‘The Bad Guy’ and thanked him for being helpful.

 Scott Hall was Kind and helpful to Moss

The WWE SmackDown star Madcap Moss penned down a special eulogy for Scott Hall on Twitter. He said how Razor was the one who influenced him and wrote about the time Hall charged him money for copying his gimmick.

Moss wrote, “Scott Hall was 1 of my absolute favorites growing up. I’ve modeled much of what I do in ring after him- the first time he saw me wrestle he charged me $5 for gimmick infringement. Every time I had the chance to spend time with him, he was funny and cool, but also kind and helpful.”

Further, he expressed his gratitude towards the WWE legend with another tweet. “You just wanted to be around him. I’m very grateful for those moments. His spirit will live on through his friends and family, and those of us who will try to be just 1% as cool as The Bad Guy. Thank you for everything, Scott.”


The former NXT superstar is currently a partner of Happy Corbin, in the SmackDown brand. Couple of weeks ago, ‘Riddy Mo’ landed on his neck following an inverted Alabama slam by Drew McIntyre at WWE Elimination Chamber.

But fortunately, nothing serious happened to Moss, as the WWE team immediately did a check-up. Also, Corbin spontaneously pulled him out of the way. Madcap Moss lost against McIntyre, and now his partner Happy Corbin will face ‘The Chosen One’ on WrestleMania 38.

RIP Razor Ramon

The nWo legend was hanging by the life support following multiple heart-attacks and a hip surgery. On Tuesday, his family decided to take him off life support. Scott’s friend and WWE legend, Kevin Nash, had announced the news on Instagram of the family’s decision.

Moreover, billions of wrestling fans and celebrities from all sports paid their tribute via social media handles. As many fans say, heaven just gained a ‘Bad Guy’ angel.

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