5 Things Seth Rollins could do when he returns to WWE SmackDown

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Seth Rollins is being advertised for the upcoming episode of WWE SmackDown in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It appears that The Visionary could have a few things on his mind.

This past week on RAW, Rollins was only a small part of the show when he came out to show some respect for Cody Rhodes following their WrestleMania match. When the former WWE Champion came out to shake hands with Rhodes, this could have teased a face turn.

There are plenty of opponents for Rollins on SmackDown if he is looking for a fight and a number of options for him that link in with current storylines.

#5. Rollins may only appear in a backstage segment where he is seen speaking to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville make all of the decisions on SmackDown and RAW, so if Rollins wants to be part of a match on the blue brand then he would have to ask permission from the WWE officials.

If he is looking to go after Roman Reigns, then Deville and Pearce could force him to jump through some hoops. He may have to compete in a match against someone else of the same level.

It would make sense if Rollins was seen backstage with the WWE Officials and he talked about how he wanted a match against Reigns before they then told him what he would have to do to make that happen.

#4. The Visionary could be there to help The New Day against Fight Night

It is an odd one, but if Rollins is looking to turn face then who better than The New Day to work alongside? At present, the trio is a man down and is being dominated by Sheamus’ new team because of Butch.

The New Day lost at WrestleMania before Xavier Woods was attacked by Butch. As a former Champion, Butch needs someone on that level to neutralize him. Rollins could be that man. If Rollins is only appearing in a short segment like this on SmackDown then it would make sense that WWE is not promoting his appearance, but he would be an integral part of their feud.

Rollins lost his match at WrestleMania and has no storyline on RAW moving forward, this could be a way for him to hint at a move over to SmackDown.

#3. Seth Rollins could be announced as the newest member of the SmackDown brand

Seth Rollins has always been associated with RAW, which is why the show was referred to as Monday Night Rollins for a while. As noted, his loss at WrestleMania and inability to secure a match ahead of the show made it clear that his time on RAW was coming to an end.

This week it could be announced that WWE Officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville have secured the move for Seth Rollins over to SmackDown. This would then allow Rollins to step into the ring with a whole new locker room of talent.

Of course, this is unlikely given that his wife is over on RAW. However, Becky Lynch could follow Rollins over to SmackDown in the coming weeks as well.

#2. Seth Rollins has a claim to the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship
Brock Lesnar flew home immediately after his WrestleMania loss to Roman Reigns. Given the fact that automatic rematches are no longer a thing, Reigns doesn’t currently have a challenger.

The only man to hold a singles victory over Roman Reigns as The Tribal Chief is Seth Rollins. The Visionary was able to defeat Reigns via DQ back at The Royal Rumble before his rematch was overlooked.

It could be time for Rollins to cash in his rematch and challenge Reigns to a match for the newly unified Championships at WrestleMania Backlash.

#1. Seth Rollins could send a message to Roman Reigns by taking him out of action on SmackDown

Roman Reigns knows that Seth Rollins can get under his skin, which is why he lost via disqualification at The Royal Rumble. It’s highly unlikely that Reigns will accept any kind of challenge from his former teammate, meaning that Rollins could be forced to take drastic action.

Roman Reigns isn’t advertised for WWE shows next week so Seth Rollins could attack The Tribal Chief and write him off TV which would then give him a reason to accept his WrestleMania Backlash challenge when he returns.

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