5 ways John Cena could return to WWE

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June was declared John Cena month by WWE. The news came in conjunction with Cena’s debut on the main roster 20 years ago. The sports entertainment juggernaut will spend the month posting dedicated social media posts in honor of the celebration.

A 20 career is awe-inspiring, and the forty-five-year-old superstar has reason to celebrate. In addition to his incredible success in wrestling, Cena has become a big star in Hollywood. Still, the WWE Universe hopes to see the 16-time World Champion back on WWE programming soon.

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A few weeks ago, Cena revealed he doesn’t know when he’ll be back, just that it’ll be “soon.” How soon that remains a mystery, but there are numerous ways The Face That Runs The Place could return and make a big splash in the company.

Below are five ways John Cena could return to WWE:

#5. Cena could be part of the Money In The Bank ladder match

John Cena is no stranger to Money In The Bank. The popular star had one of the biggest matches of his career against CM Punk at Money in the Bank 2011. In 2012, Cena won the multi-man ladder match the event was named after.

Perhaps most notably, The Face That Runs The Place returned to WWE at Money in the Bank last year. Cena may want to have another memorable moment at a Money in the Bank event. This time around, the moment could be his next in-ring return.

While a ladder match would be an intense contest for the forty-five-year-old superstar, it could benefit him. He could hide the fact that he’ll likely be rusty with all the action around him. Plus, a part-timer holding the briefcase could be exciting as nobody would know when he’d appear.

#4. John Cena could challenge Gunther

Gunther is destroying everybody on SmackDown. He’s defeated enhancement wrestlers, Drew Gulak and even Ricochet, albeit in tag team action. On the next edition of SmackDown, Gunther will challenge for the Intercontinental Title.

If the Ring General wins the title, his dominance will continue. He may even seem borderline unbeatable. That’s where John Cena comes into the picture.

An interesting option is to have Cena return and challenge the Austrian for the title. The American star has battled many big men in his career. Taking on Gunther would be exciting for Cena, but there are other perks here. A win over Cena would propel Gunther to new heights. Meanwhile, John has never held the Intercontinental Title. Challenging for the gold would be new for the Hollywood star.

#3. The sixteen-time champion could confront Theory

Theory is currently the United States Champion on RAW. The young superstar is also affiliated with Mr. McMahon. While the title and his association with the boss have helped Theory’s career, a feud with John Cena could put him on the map.

The US Champion regularly talks about Cena. He’s discussed how he connected to the 16-time world champion at a young age but has also taunted the Hollywood star on social media. Theory isn’t hiding that he wants a match with Cena.

If Cena were to return and confront Theory, a match between the two at Money in the Bank or SummerSlam could be huge for the young champion. Win or lose, Theory will be elevated by a program with The Cenation Leader.

#2. Cena could challenge Roman Reigns to a rematch


John Cena returned to WWE in 2021 with a challenge to Roman Reigns. Over the summer, The Doctor of Thuganomics had a war of words with The Tribal Chief leading to a match between the two mega stars. At SummerSlam, the pair battled, and Roman Reigns ultimately came out on top.

While The Head Of The Table walked away with a win in 2021, Cena may still want another shot at the champion. It may seem unlikely that the same match could headline SummerSlam two years in a row, but keep in mind that Cena battled Roman’s cousin The Rock at two WrestleMania events. A repeat bout is possible if the stars are big enough and the match can draw money.

#1. John Cena could go toe-to-toe with Cody Rhodes

John Cena and Cody Rhodes have had matches on television. The two have squared off in both singles competition and tag team matches on RAW. The last time the two were paired against one another was on RAW in 2013.

Nine years later, Rhodes developed into a star. He isn’t a sidekick to Legacy or in a tag team. He isn’t dashing, either. The American Nightmare is on a path towards the WWE Championship.

Cena taking on one of the roster’s biggest stars could be magic. Both men are fantastic on the mic, so there’s little doubt the build towards their potential match will deliver.

It’s unclear when the 16-time World Champion will return to WWE. While he’s a major success in Hollywood, WWE will always be his home. Fans are eagerly awaiting to see The Face That Runs The Place once again.

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