5 WWE Superstars who could replace Paul Heyman in the Bloodline

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Paul Heyman served Roman Reigns as his Special Counsel for almost 16 months. He became an integral part of the Samoan Bloodline, working as the mastermind of the dominant WWE faction. If Reigns is still the Universal Champion, a lot of its credit goes to his once-trusted Wiseman.

A month ago, however, Roman Reigns fired Paul Heyman after the latter admitted having connections with Brock Lesnar. However, the Champion hasn’t been able to find a suitable replacement for his Special Counsel yet.

Roman Reigns will require a helpful ally after Paul Heyman’s departure.

Any superstar who joins the Bloodline would benefit from working with the Universal Champion. In this article, let’s look at five WWE Superstars who could replace Paul Heyman in the Bloodline.Ridge Holland is currently in a tag team with Sheamus. Ridge seems to be learning a lot from his idol, which has helped him in improving his wrestling skills.

But if given the opportunity to join The Bloodline, will Ridge remain loyal to Sheamus? We have seen many such instances where a Superstar has betrayed his partner to take a step forward in their career.

Holland could be an excellent addition to Roman Reigns’ faction. He can be the muscle of the group, similar to how Batista was in Evolution. His presence will allow Reigns to stay focussed on dismantling his opponents, without worrying about any surprise ambush.
LA Knight is amongst the most charismatic WWE superstars on the NXT 2.0 roster. However, his talent is being wasted, due to him being part of a developmental brand.

The Defiant One needs to move to the blue brand and offer his services to the Tribal Chief. He possesses top-notch mic skills and can verbally destroy anybody.

Paul Heyman was excellent at getting into the heads of Roman Reigns’ opponents. He humiliated other WWE Superstars with his exceptional mic skills. LA Knight could play a similar role as The Bloodline’s mouthpiece. Moreover, his wrestling abilities will come in handy for the Head of the Table as well.
#3. Ricochet can join The Bloodline to revitalize his career:
Ricochet is currently stuck in Smackdown’s lower mid-card division. The talented high-flyer has been waiting for an opportunity to move up the ranks for quite some time. A possible heel turn might help Ricochet get what he deserves.

If the former United States Champion embraces his dark side, The Bloodline will accept him with open arms. The faction needs someone to hold the mid-card title, and Ricochet would be the best possible option for that role.

Wouldn’t it be great to see The One and Only dominate the mid-card division on behalf of Roman Reigns?

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