55-Year-Old WWE Legend Stuns the World With His Ripped Physique

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It is essential for WWE superstars to remain in peak health so that they can fulfill the rigor of their profession and stay on the road for 300+ days. Another reason they need to be in amazing shape is so that they can perform some athletic moves in the ring. As it becomes a part of their lifestyle, even retired wrestlers continue to remain in shape.

WWE Hall of Famer and Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee, Glenn Jacobs aka Kane, posted a picture of himself on Twitter. The Devil’s Favorite Demon amazed everyone with his newly shredded body. The 55-year-old wrote, “Thanks to @DDPYoga and low carbs for making 55 look (and feel) this good!”


After his semi-retirement from WWE to run for the Mayor of Knoxville County, The Demon was somewhat out of shape. He focused on his political work, but made some sporadic appearances in WWE.

Like most of the wrestlers in the business, Kane followed the famous DDP Yoga program of the WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page. The results are there for everyone to see.

WWE superstars and fans react to the latest picture of Kane

The alter ego of Glenn Jacobs Demon Kane reacted on Twitter, saying, “Wow, I hope I look half as good at his age!”


Diamond Dallas Page said, “Damn @GlennJacobsTN you look amazing brother! You just made my day knowing your looking and feeling Great! Keep up the Great work Mayor💎 Thanks for the shout out @DDPYoga @PaygeMcMahon #DDPYworks DDP”


Former WCW and ECW wrestler Scotty Riggs said, “with ya on @DDPYoga and my diet of protein and veggies at same age of 55, weigh’n 218lbs.. @RealDDP got us on great track.. keep up all the great work”


This fan remembers Kane’s time in WWE, “How to remember when you went out and set fire to the Ring”


Sumguy said, “I’m like half his age and he looks better than me. I’m going to the gym”


This fan said, “🔥The Devils Favourite Demon is looking better than ever. 🔥

🔥Just like when you made your Monstrous Debut but way leaner. Awesome stuff!🔥”


Jason is nostalgic, “By gosh 1997 Kane is back”

Is Kane planning an in-ring return?

Kane is considered one of the safest in-ring wrestlers. Multiple WWE superstars have praised him for his in-ring ethics and ability to perform moves despite standing at over 7 feet tall.

Even though he was arguably out of shape for a couple of years, Kane had some decent matches in his later career. However, there is a lot left in the tank for Kane, and with this new body, there will be questions about an in-ring comeback. There are no such rumors as of now, but it would be amazing to see The Big Red Monster back for some matches.


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