6 WWE Wrestlers The Undertaker Is Friends With & 7 He HATES (Enemies) in Real Life

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The legendary Undertaker seems to have no feelings, yet he loves and dislikes some companions in this sports entertainment. Friendship is something very relative, even more so when it is in front of the cameras, but in this case, it has become evident that it does exist in this WWE world.

On the other hand, enmity is also something that abounds much and more in the case of Mark Calaway, who is a super successful wrestler and who has become an idol worldwide. Regardless, The Undertaker punished everyone, no matter if they were friends or foes.

Apparently, Triple H is said to be a ward of The Undertaker, so they both have quite a fondness for each other. It is true that many times they faced each other in the ring, and they gave fans a great show, but that does not mean that they don’t respect each other and appreciate each other.

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