9 WWE Wrestlers Who Took Over Popular Gimmicks And Hilariously Failed

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If you’re reading this, chances are you–like us–love professional wrestling. However, it’s hard to deny that throughout the history of the industry there has been plenty that was (and still is) truly terrible. For every “Stone Cold” Steve Austin or The Rock, there are dozens of gimmicks that were so incredibly bad, it’s hard to imagine how anyone thought they could succeed. For crying out loud, the Gobbledy Gooker is a giant turkey.

Still, we can’t help but love wrestling, in spite of itself. With that in mind, join us as we take a walk through the garbage can of professional wrestling history to take a look at the absolute worst, most idiotic character gimmicks of all time. If you can’t have a laugh while learning about characters like an evil dentist or a maniacal carnival worker, what can you laugh at?

And if you’re looking for more of the best, worst, and sillies of professional wrestling, make sure to check out GameSpot’s Wrestle Buddies podcast. We love to celebrate all of the same ridiculous things you do, so chances are you’ll enjoy this.

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