99% Fail to Guess WWE SUPERSTARS By Their EXTREME RARE Childhood Photos

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tone Cold” Steve Austin. Before reading this, give me a Hell yeah!! He’s one of the best on the mic, one of the biggest names in pro wrestling. I don’t think I’ve to explain.

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2. The Undertaker – Phenom, greatest big man in sports entertainment industry. A person who evolved well.

3. Shawn Michaels – Might be an ass out of the ring, but is the greatest to be in that ring, no matter what.

Thats Dolph on the right in the image. Dolph and the Spirit Squad were treated like garbage but he still worked with what he was given, they later disbanded and Dolph would make his redebut against Batista in 2008 under the name that we know him now as, Dolph Ziggler!

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