99% Fail to Guess WWE SUPERSTARS by Their Son or Daughter

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For so many years, wrestlers had to protect their identity as much as possible by maintaining a low profile in order to keep kayfabe alive. That has clearly become much more difficult with time, especially with the rise of social media and various online platforms. Since then, we have come to learn plenty about our favorite Superstars that we previously didn’t know.

Being in the spotlight, it’s only natural for fans to wonder what wrestlers looked like in their younger days as we are all curious to see how they have aged since then. Thanks to the internet, that has become much easier to find out as we can nearly find plenty of information about different Superstars.

While we only know them through their appearances on WWE shows – unless you follow them on social media – that is the image engrained in our minds and it’s hard to picture them differently. For most fans, Mark Calaway will always be The Undertaker regardless of how old he gets and we just can’t picture him as a child.

But just like all of us, these Superstars went through different periods of their lives and they also had albums of their childhood. In many of these photos, you will notice that some were already huge wrestling fans who probably dreamed of making it to the WWE one day. And you will certainly be shocked at some transformations as some have significantly changed and look much different today than they did at that age. With today’s list, we will be looking at 15 must see pictures of wrestlers as children.

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