10 WWE Wrestlers Most Heartbreaking Defeats Ever

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The world of professional wrestling is intended to entertain and make sure everyone is having fun. With this in mind, things go wrong often in wrestling.

All of the moves are designed to not seriously hurt anyone, but they often do. Careers are short and the pain from injuries is long. In such a cutthroat business, people fade out almost every day without anyone really noticing.

For a truly sad moment to occur, the bond with the fans has to be strong enough to literally bring tears to the eyes of a fan that knows nothing about the personal lives of the superstars.

Raw emotional moments often make for the most unforgettable television moments. Without these sad moments, wrestling fans could not fully appreciate the status quo of entertainment supplied to them.

Grab a handkerchief and bear with me as we recap arguably some of the saddest moments of our lives, despite it not meaning anything to any of us directly.

Author’s note: Before we even begin, know that the Montreal Screwjob is not in this list. It was a low point for the business but doesn’t really constitute a sad moment, especially when compared to many real-life tragedies that will be in this list.

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