I’m blowing his cover now” – Former WWE personality reveals how Scott Steiner really was backstage (Exclusive)

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Scott Steiner remains one of the most intense performers in wrestling history, who always had an intimidating personality inside and outside the ring.

But according to former WWE writer Vince Russo, Big Poppa Pump was a far cry from his on-screen character in real life. Russo and Steiner got to know each other in TNA, and they shared a healthy backstage relationship.

On the latest episode of The Bro Show, Vince Russo recalled how Scott Steiner would often stay in character even after the cameras stopped rolling. But the real person was gentle and someone who loved to have fun with his kids away from prying eyes.

“We worked a long time together at TNA, and that’s where we came close, man. That’s when I got to know the guy. The funniest thing is, and I learned how to handle Scott… bro, Scott likes people to believe his persona. Backstage, he will be cutting promos. There’s an infamous story of him busting into a television truck at WCW but literally foaming at the mouth,” reminisced Vince Russo.

The former WWE writer has the utmost respect for Scott Steiner as he believes that the legend is loving and kindhearted in reality, unlike his confrontational on-screen persona.

“When I used to see Scotty rolling around in the ring with his kids, bro, that’s the real Scott Steiner. And now, I’m blowing his cover now… If he hears this, the dude has got a huge heart Love him,” said Russo.

Scott Steiner would burst out laughing after acting like he was in a promo

Vince Russo became familiar with the person behind the gimmick as he worked to creatively support Scott Steiner briefly in WCW and later in TNA.

Many people were offended by Big Poppa Pump’s outspoken personality which meant he rubbed people the wrong way. But Russo believes that once you understood what he wanted, it became much easier to work with Steiner.

“Once I understood that he wanted people to believe the persona, he came back and started cutting the promo on me. So, I would sit there, listen, listen, and I would look him dead in the eye, and I would go, ‘Okay, Scott, are you done now?’ He would burst out laughing like every single time because he knew you get smart to it after a while,” the ex-WWE writer added.

Scott Steiner’s nephew Bron Breakker recently won the NXT Championship. The monumental moment was discussed at length by DDP, Vince Russo, and Dr. Chris Featherstone on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s “The Bro Show.”

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