Alexa Bliss’ Therapy Segments Not Ending Any Time Soon

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For the last month Alexa Bliss’s Fiend character, who has been away from the ring for a while, has been involved in segments that show her ‘going through therapy’ in order to return to Monday Night RAW.

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The segments show her interacting with a therapist and admitting she ‘has a problem’ and ‘wants to be fixed’ which speculation online suggests will lead up to her re-debuting on WWE television with a different character, perhaps one of her old ones.

But a backstage report from wrestling news site Fightful’s premium content Fightful Select suggests that WWE has plenty more of these segments in their locker, which means that Bliss fans could be waiting a while to see her return to the ring.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select says that WWE has filmed 9 therapy segments involving Alexa Bliss, and over the last month we’ve only seen two of them, so it literally could be a number of weeks until whatever is going on with this storyline plays out.

It’s worth noting that WWE doesn’t have to use all nine of these pre-recorded segments if it doesn’t want to, meaning that if they want to fast-track Alexa Bliss’ return they could take one or two out to speed things up.

They also could also show more than one segment on an episode to achieve the same thing.

When Will Alexa Bliss Return To In-Ring Action At WWE?

With WrestleMania 38 only a couple of months away, 7 segments taking place over the next two months would see Bliss returning in time for the Grandest Stage Of Them All, which could very well be the plan.

Obviously there’s no official word yet on what WWE’s plans are with these segments and when we’ll see Bliss back in the ring, but the Superstar herself tweeted in January to urge her fans to be patient and to see how things play out.

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