Riddle discloses a surprising detail about his real-life friendship with Randy Orton

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Randy Orton and Riddle have worked perfectly well on-screen as one of the “odd pairing” tag teams in WWE. It’s been close to a year since their storyline began, and it’s safe to say that it is a successful one until now. It seems to work well because the two men seem to be polar opposites on-screen. When discussing their real-life friendship, Riddle admitted something surprising.

RK-Bro has been the most popular tag team in WWE this past year, and the momentum they had quickly led to a RAW Tag Team title reign starting at SummerSlam 2021. Although their reign was cut short at just five months, they have maintained their popularity on the red brand.

The King of Bros appeared on Mark Andrews: My Love Letter To Wrestling and discussed much about his WWE career. One topic addressed his real-life friendship with Randy Orton, which he credits as the reason for their tag team’s success. He also admitted that despite being so different on-screen, they are quite alike in real life:

“Even though we are so different on screen, me and Randy [Orton] are quite alike in real life. We laugh at the same jokes. We like the same food. We like the same entertainment. We have a lot in common. We get along a lot, and it’s made this transition as a team so much easier. We have so much fun,” said Riddle. (H/T Wrestlingnews.co)

Riddle also praised his tag team partner for his understanding of the business and said that he learned a “tremendous amount” from him. He also said that they make each other laugh a lot, and the authentic dynamic comes off well on-screen.
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Has teaming up with Riddle led to Randy Orton’s best work in years?

.@RandyOrton will go to that paper if he has to!For many years, Randy Orton has been on the receiving end of criticism from a certain section of WWE fans. His in-ring work was often labeled as “lazy” and he was criticized for not putting in as much effort as he should have.

However, several legends of the pro wrestling/sports entertainment industry have praised Orton for his understanding and experience, and he is entering his third decade on the WWE main roster.

Admittedly, RK-Bro seems to be the most fun that The Viper has had in years. While he has flipped back and forth with his character in the last few years, this seems to be the most enjoyable version of him in a while – perhaps because he seems to be genuinely having fun.

It will be interesting to see where the company heads with RK-Bro. Many assume that Orton vs. Riddle will be the direction for WrestleMania 38, and given how WWE handles “long-term” tag team storylines, that usually is the ultimate destination.

Should RK-Bro stick around for longer or would you like to see them break up soon? Voice your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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