WATCH: Goldberg Commits a Major Botch While Chasing the Rock in a Car

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The Rock and Bill Goldberg are two of the most popular WWE superstars from the attitude era. However, in their WWE careers, Goldberg and The Rock have only faced each other once, in the 2003 Backlash pay-per-view event.

The opening of the PPV match set the tone for the match. The Rock was performing with Gillberg at a concert where he ridiculed the Superstar Goldberg. Moreover, Goldberg invaded the concert in the middle of it. To prevent him from entering, Rock had security with him.

However, He runs over them and ruins the concert. When Rock saw him assaulting the security, Rock ran over from the ring. Furthermore, When Goldberg was assaulting Gillberg, Rock went over and delivered Rock the bottom to Goldberg.

Following that, Goldberg stands and begins chasing the Rock. Furthermore, the Hummer was leaving the arena, and everyone assumed that Rock had left, so Goldberg got in the Barracuda to chase him down, but the car didn’t start. Consequently, he had to chase him down on foot, as per the storyline.

This became one of the WWE’s major gaffes. However, following this, commentators covered it by stating that Rock sabotaged the car.

The backstory of The Goldberg – The Rock Botch Incident

Talking about this incident, on Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard, Bruce Prichard mentioned, the WWE stunt coordinator repeatedly started and restarted the car to ensure that it would start. So when Goldberg arrived, tries to start the Barracuda, it got stalled, and the more he attempted to start it, the more it jammed.

Adding to this, Prichard stated, “it was just snake bit from the very beginning man and in poor bill is sitting there trying to do something, anything and so he got out and ran. The idea, you know, was that once he drove away, Rock would be revealed inside.”

“But they were so damn close when Bill just went to run away. We had to go somewhere and we’re getting calls from the truck go to rock and here comes rock around the corner so it’s just buried bill even more because they were just so close distance wise so yeah it sucked.”

Furthermore, Rock returned to the main event match, and The Rock was defeated by Goldberg.

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