“I Find That Fascinating.”: Former WWE GM Reacts to Brock Lesnar Losing at WrestleMania

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The Beast Brock Lesnar returned at SummerSlam 2021 surprisingly. Nobody was expecting The Beast Incarnate to appear in WWE anytime soon after the pandemic hit. Moreover, Lesnar returned with a new look and new attitude this time.

Brock Lesnar quickly cemented his eyes on the Universal Championship on the day he returned. Since he had an on and off a feud with Roman Reigns till WrestleMania. Their feud for the time being culminated at the most stupendous show of all in a world title unification match.

Recently, former WWE Eric Bischoff on his podcast 83 Weeks shared his view on Brock Lesnar‘s WWE run till WrestleMania 38. He also shared his views on Lesnar losing at Mania to Roman Reigns.

Bischoff said, “He’s out there singing, he’s laughing, he’s cutting his own promos and doing a da*n good job and we are seeing so much more depth out of Brock’s character and then to not to be invincible and actually lose, I find that fascinating.”

Eric Bischoff also stated that he wasn’t interested at first when he heard Lesnar was going to return at SummerSlam. He was of the impression The Beast will do his regular thing as he has done in the last 10 years.

However, Lesnar came back with a different version of himself. This not only caught Bischoff’s interest but even the people who weren’t interested in seeing Brock Lesnar wanted to see this new version of him.

Brock Lesnar will bring more alteration to his character

Eric Bischoff, in his recent appearance on his show, stated that he was very much into this new incarnation of Brock Lesnar. He found it fascinating that Brock Lesnar can now be shown losing. Adding to that, Bischoff claimed Lesnar will return with an additional dimension of himself as he can be shown losing on TV.

Eric added to his previous conversation, “Fascinating for me because I can see where that potentially could take Brock. Now that we know he can be beat and he knows that we all know he can be beat, he’s gonna have to add another dimension to that character to keep himself at that level and I’m sure he will. I think that’s going to be another interesting look into Brock Lesnar.”

Bischoff also stated that his comeback will be much more interesting this time. For him, Lesnar is now the most interesting WWE superstar than he has been in the last 10-15 years.

Lesnar is in massive rumors to return to WrestleMania BackLash. Fans can expect a much newer upgraded version of Brock Lesnar again.

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