On One Night, All Three Members Of The Shield Became WWE Champion

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The Shield was one of the most popular, entertaining, and dominant trios of all time in WWE, which created three huge names in Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose. All would find their success in one way, shape, or form following the split of their group, even if there were ups and downs along the way. Their time in WWE is storied, but there was one specific, special night in which something truly incredible happened. In one single night, all three different members of The Shield each held the WWE Championship, and it was crazy.

The Shield Became One Of WWE’s Hottest Acts

The Shield made an instant impact upon their main roster debut, interfering in the main event of Survivor Series as three largely unknown names. This was a clear sign that big things were to come for the three men, made ever more evident by their continued dominance over anyone and everyone, stealing the show the following month during their debut match as a team, tearing the house down in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match against three popular names in Daniel Bryan, Kane, and Ryback.

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Each man had something unique to offer, with Ambrose being the mouthpiece early on, Rollins being a fantastic worker and high flyer, and Reigns being the impactful powerhouse, but over time each man would bounce off each other, learning from one another as time went on to become more complete performers. They bulldozed their way through so many combinations of superstars, beating the likes of Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Sheamus, John Cena, and even The Undertaker, before winning the United States and Tag Team Championships.

The Shield

After a year of dominance, the group would turn face, with them becoming even bigger stars after they soundly defeated the legendary Evolution team of Triple H, Batista, and Orton, on two straight PPVs. Following this, Rollins would turn on his former brothers, joining ranks with The Authority, with him primed to be the next chosen one. This led to Rollins feuding with Ambrose throughout the summer in a series of entertaining matches. In the meantime, Reigns would embark on a singles run as a main eventer, winning the Royal Rumble and heading to WrestleMania to battle Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship.

Each Man Would Be Intertwined Over The Next Two Years

The first man to win a world title from The Shield was Rollins, who would cash in his Money in the Bank contract in the main event of WrestleMania 31, pinning Reigns. Both Ambrose and Reigns would challenge for the title over the next few months, each coming out unlucky. Unfortunately, Rollins’ time as champion was cut short, with him sustaining an injury. In a tournament to determine a new champion, Reigns and Ambrose met in the final, with Reigns winning the belt in a battle between friends.

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Seth Rollins WrestleMania 31 Cropped

Reigns would drop and pick up the belt a few times over the next few months, with Ambrose lurking around the periphery of the title scene, but unable to truly break into it. Reigns would eventually walk out of WrestleMania 32 as champion. At the Extreme Rules PPV, Rollins would return from his injury, ambushing Reigns, setting up a title clash for Money in the Bank.

Money In The Bank 2016 Was A Night In Which The Shield Made History

Money in the Bank 2016, on June 19th, was the occasion in which this unique occurrence took place. It had emerged over recent weeks that Reigns was facing a suspension due to violating the Wellness Policy, but being champion, he was afforded the chance to compete at the show. Earlier in the night, Ambrose won the Money in the Bank briefcase, with it finally looking as though he had a way into the title scene – something which fans had been longing for. In the main event, Rollins dethroned Reigns, clean in the ring, to become the WWE Champion.

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Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins Money In The Bank 2016

Just when he thought his night was done, and he was celebrating, Ambrose appeared from behind and cashed in his contract, beating Rollins, and becoming the champion. And just like that, all three men had each held the title in the exact same night – all within a few minutes. This wasn’t just an empty excuse to make history – it was something that made complete sense and had so many layers. Rollins once again having Reigns’ number in a big match is a story being played out even in 2022, years later, so it made sense for him to pick up the win. And then, it was incredibly ironic that the way Rollins initially won the belt for the first time, by cashing in MITB was just the exact way he lost the title and not just that, but it was to his other former Shield buddy whom he had wronged in the past by turning on him. It was the perfect, storybook night, full of nuance, and it will forever be a historic night for WWE.

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