Ricochet Looking Forward To Night Two Of The WWE Draft: “I’m Ready To make An Impact”

WWE star and former United States champion Ricochet recently spoke on the With Authority podcast to discuss a wide range of topics, including how he’s excited for the WWE draft to help charge some life into his run with the company. Highlights are below.

Says he hasn’t been doing much lately so the draft is good for him:

“That’s exactly what I’m here waiting on right now. I haven’t really been doing much for the past five weeks. We’re just waiting, buying our time, waiting for the right moment and stuff. I’m super excited for the draft.”

Says he doesn’t care which brand he goes to:

“I’m gonna wait for that. I don’t really have a specific brand I’m hoping to be on. For me, wherever I land, I know that at that moment, I have to make an impact wherever I’m at. People all the time tell me, ‘I want to see you, I want to see you.’ I get that a lot, so I’m just waiting for my opportunity to strike, I guess. I’m ready to make an impact.”

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