“And More Importantly..”: WWE Legend Goldberg Shocks the World With His Comments on Randy Orton

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Randy Orton, on 25th April, completed his 20 years in WWE. Orton made his WWE debut at the age of 22 and garnered much success in his early days. Since then, he has become an integral part of the promotion. Since completing this achievement, he has gotten numerous wishes for his amazing career from various luminaries, one of which is Goldberg.

Goldberg took to Instagram to express his appreciation for Orton. Goldberg thanked Orton, saying, It’s always been an honor to share the ring with Orton. He mentioned that Randy Orton, “is without a doubt one of the best to have ever graced the squared circle.”

Orton joined HHH’s Evolution stable, which was the heel stable at the time.

Since Evolution had a brief feud with Goldberg in 2003, an Orton-Goldberg feud arose at the moment. Goldberg and Randy Orton have shared the ring multiple times. However, they have only faced each other only once in a single match and the bout was won by Goldberg.

Randy Orton’s WWE Career Highlights

Randy Orton, 42, has completed 20 years in WWE. During his WWE stint, he achieved a level of legendary status, winning 14 world championship titles. He is also the current RAW tag team champion. Throughout his career. The Viper has offered the WWE universe many iconic moments.

The Apex Predator is a two-time Royal Rumble winner. However, he has appeared in a total of 13 Rumbles. In addition, Winning the Royal Rumble in 2017  for the second time was one of Orton’s career milestones.

The Viper put up a good performance. However, in the Rumble, he had only eliminated one wrestler. When Roman Reigns attempted to deliver the superman punch, The Viper threw him out and won the Rumble.

Throughout his career, Orton had arguably his most legendary rivalry with WWE legend, John Cena. Moreover, in 2013, John Cena vs. Randy Orton, with the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships on the line, faced each other in a TLC match.

Both Superstars competed in one of WWE’s most legendary TLC matches. Cena and Orton exchanged blows during their battle, which became intense and fierce. Furthermore, Orton and Cena tried several times to climb the ladder and unravel those titles.

Each time, though, a fellow contender rendered their efforts fruitless. However, in the end, Orton defeated Cena and cemented himself as the WWE’s undisputed champion.

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