Becky Lynch Breaks Silence After Several WWE Fans Fall Prey to Fraud

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Becky Lynch is one of the biggest active WWE superstars. Her name on the match card can fill out an entire arena, even if she will just be cutting a promo on the show. ‘The Man’ has a huge following on her social media too, with over 3 million followers. She is always active on her social handles and sometimes replies to fans to engage with them. However, she recently dropped a warning to caution her supporters.

Becky Lynch wrote, “It should go without saying, but I, or any other WWE superstar, would not ever message any fan looking for money or gift cards. 

Please, if anyone ever messages you, pretending to be me, asking for money, or anything else, immediately block and report.

The amount of times I have heard of this happening is sickening.”


There has been a persistent problem on social media, where certain individuals have made fake accounts pretending to be WWE Superstars, and then asked fans for money or gift cards.

This serious problem caused Lynch to break her heel character to create awareness about the issue. Breaking kayfabe is rare and may have shown the WWE Universe the gravity of the situation.

Fans reacted to this post from Becky Lynch

Lynch’s post drew responses on Twitter, with many praising her and sharing their experiences about fake accounts.





A similar situation happened with another WWE superstar

Last month, Liv Morgan shared a tragic incident on her Twitter. One of her fans sold his house, thinking he was helping Morgan. When the WWE superstar learned of this, she wrote, “A man sold his home and lost everything thinking he was helping “me”. This has me so sick. Please know I would never reach out to ask any of you for a single penny. I’m so sad. Please stop”

This is an issue that needs to be looked after seriously. WWE superstars can fall into a serious problem because of this, even though they have done nothing.

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