Big E, Who Broke John Cena’s Bench Press Record, Provides Update on Concerning Neck Injury

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On WWE SmackDown: March 11th, 2022, Big E teamed with Kofi Kingston in a tag team match against Ridge Holland and Sheamus.

During the match, Holland and E had a ringside brawl. Holland executed a suplex on the former champion, and he landed on his head instead of his back. As a result, he had to be carried out on the stretcher and admitted to a medical facility in Birmingham.

As soon as the spot occurred, almost everyone took to social media to express their concern. The fact that he took the entire impact on his neck could have ended poorly for him. However, Big E has an update about his health, and it’s a good one.

“C1 and C6 are indeed fractured, not displacement, though. Which is a very good thing. I don’t have any damage to my spinal cord, no ligament damage, no surgery.”

Not needing surgery means he doesn’t have to be away from the ring longer than anticipated. Nevertheless, neck injuries are one of the primary reasons pro-wrestlers quit the business. Therefore, it’s better Big E lets his neck heal completely before coming back to the ring.

Does Big E deserve a second championship run?

When Big E secured the WWE Championship for the first time, the fans went berserk. In fact, even WWE changed its official Twitter account’s name to honor the championship.

Unfortunately, that victory run didn’t last long as Brock Lesnar defeated him at Day 1 in a Fatal 5-way match and secured the championship. The WWE fans didn’t appreciate this change and claimed the company was again focusing on pushing Megastars to the top.

Following that, WWE booked The Powerhouse of Positivity in a tag team with Kofi Kingston, which was confusing. It almost seemed like the company was punishing him for something. However, backstage claims reveal E is probably one of the most understanding superstars in WWE.

Now, the fans have had enough and have urged WWE to rethink the creative plans laid out for E. The idea is to create a storyline that sees Big E becoming the WWE Champion for a second time, and revive his former glory!

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